Showing "my links" with QuickLinksMicroView web part - Issues you should know about

Ishai's post - Showing "my links" on a web page has explained how you can use the QuickLinksMicroView web part to show users "my links" on SharePoint web part page.

The web part looked great when I first added it to the web part page, but it wasn't long before I discovered some of "bugs" in this web part. Bugs or by design?

I will show you what those bugs are by using following configurations: Two groups, 6 links in the first group and 3 links in the second group.

James Tsai .Net SharePoint Blog - QuickLinksMicroView Items

Now let's change the default "Number of rows to display" value from 10 to 2

 James Tsai .Net SharePoint Blog - QuickLinksMicroView Configuration

Click Ok and see what it gets us.

1. "Show/Hide additional links" hyperlink will not work without "portal.css" CSS registration

James Tsai .Net SharePoint Blog - QuickLinksMicroView No Portal CSS

As you can see there is a "show 4 additional links" hyperlink at bottom of the first group (Don't worry about the second group for now, I will get to that later).  Click on the link toggles the display text (hide/show 4 additional links) without change the number of displayed items in group (no actual hide or show for additional items).

The problem here is More...